Mora Youth Brand Cattle and Plant Garden

During the months of May and June, Mora youth followed the traditions of their families and branded cattle, took their cattle to the sierra, and planted their gardens. On May 6th, with snow flurries falling throughout the morning, youth members DJ Duran, Josh Rivera, Diana Carrillo, LeAn Pino, Rory Pino, Christina Garcia, along with mentor Harold Trujillo planted nearly 400 pounds of four varieties of potatoes in LeDoux. They also helped Paula Garcia plant nine heritage fruit trees in Mora: three apple, three pear, and three cherry. Throughout May and early June, youth assisted their own families with branding. On June 3rd, Rory, Anna, and LeAn helped Antonio Medina, Marino Rivera, and Diego Rivera brand cattle in Encinal and take them to the sierra. Afterward, they planted their own garden at Paula’s in Mora.

Anna Planting Cabbage SeedlingRory pulling the rope, holding the steerBranding Cattle in Encinal