Our mission is to protect water and our acequias, to grow healthy food for our families and communities, and to honor our cultural heritage.

Support Our Work

You can help provide vital support to our projects including the Acequia Governance Project, Youth Education programs, and the Los Sembradores Farmer Training Program

Donations help support our programs and general operating expenses. We greatly appreciate donations of any amount.


You don't need to be an acequia parciante to become a member - anyone can join. Help grow the power of our movement!


We do grassroots community organizing for acequias. Learn how you can help support our policy efforts.


We're Hiring!

The NMAA is seeking to fill open positions with people who are passionate about acequias, water, food, and culture.

What We Do

Technical Assistance

We provide technical assistance on bylaws, water rights, acequia mapping, one-on-one consulting, and legal assistance.

Youth Education

We offer culturally relevant & place-based educational presentations, training, leadership development, and hands-on learning opportunities.

Farmer Training

Los Sembradores Farming Training Project was established to help cultivate a new generation of farmers with deep roots in acequia customs & traditions

Policy Advocacy

We advocate for our acequia communities, precious waters, and future generations via legislative bill tracking & lobbying through our grassroots organizing.