NMAC Employment Opportunity

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The New Mexico Acequia Commission currently has a job opening:

Scope of Work.

The Contractor shall perform the following work:

Represent the New Mexico Acequia Commission before relevant legislative committees and state and federal agencies; work with the Commission to provide technical assistance to local Acequias; provide representation for the Commission as assigned and report activities to the Commission on a monthly basis; and prepare the Commission for additional responsibilities assigned to it by the Legislature.


Performance Measures

Performance Measures in Scope of Work shall contain measurable goals and objectives that linked to the performance measures of the Agency's Strategic Plan:

To "Monitor projects and program implementation to ensure efficient use of state resources," as stated on page 24 of the FY09 Department of Finance and Administration Strategic Plan.

Goal: Provide Research, Technical Assistance and Services that support the New Mexico Acequia Commission.

Objective 1: Attend Acequia Commission meetings and represent the Commission before relevant legislative committees of state and federal agencies.

In order to procure services, the NMAC will need to obtain three (3) quotes.

The amounts budgeted for FY13 are as follows:

Legal 3,572
Staff 6,000