NMAA Remembers Acequia Advocate, Fred Waltz

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Fred Waltz (at left, standing) at a Rio de las Gallinas Annual meeting.

By Janice Varela

NMAA staff were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Fred Waltz of Taos. Fred was an excellent, hard-working attorney, a delightful, generous human being, and a great friend to acequias and NMAA. He will be missed. Fred passed away earlier this year. He was known as one of the most knowledgeable attorneys on acequias and water rights.

Fred represented Taos Valley Acequia Association since 1987 when it was formed and was instrumental in the adjudication of the Abeyta Water Rights Settlement, an agreement between water users in the Taos Valley. Fred also represented 3 other Regional Acequia Associations in defense of their water rights in their adjudication of water rights. The Rio de las Gallinas Acequia Association (Las Vegas); Rio Chama Acequia Association; and Rio Quemado, Rio Frijoles and Rio En Medio and Santa Cruz Stream Systems.

Fred (at right) in the village of Los Vigiles on the Acequia Madre de los Vigiles where was doing a field inspection and advising the acequia clients.

Fred was a loving husband to his wife Diane, a dedicated father to his three daughters, and was crazy about his one year old granddaughter. He loved his horses, his Chevy Camaro, Taos, and New Mexico in general. He appreciated the history, culture and way of life he worked so diligently to protect.

We miss you, Fred. Que descanse en paz.