World Water Day Prayer Campaign for Rain & Water

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prayer.campaign.flyer.2014-websiteversion_Page_1In our daily lives, as we commit to taking actions to conserve water in our homes and fields, we also acknowledge a higher power to which our ancestors also prayed for support. On Saturday, March 22nd, WORLD WATER DAY, we will re-launch our Prayer Campaign for Water and we ask that you join us, wherever you may be, in prayer for rain and water at 12:00 noon (MST) that day. Please help spread the word and spread the good INTENTION for agua sana y agua pura!

• Like us on Facebook for campaign invitations and updates.
• Invite others! Spread the word via email, Facebook, etc. to gather a group of friends and family to pray for rain together.
• Ask your religious or spiritual community to make a special petition for rain in your service on March 22nd (or close to that date)
• Share San Isidro prayer cards with your community, fellow parciantes, co-workers, classmates…
• Post your own special prayers for water on our Facebook page.

Below are some prayers you can download for use, but please feel free to use and share your own special prayers!