Mayordomia Multimedia Educational Toolkit Available for Purchase

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Mayordomía Educational Toolkit Available

The NMAA has produced an educational toolkit that includes:
• The Art of Mayordomía 30-minute film
• Mayordomo Handbook & Field Guide—A practical guide to seasonal mayordomo duties
• Movie poster template (to announce a screening)
• Suggested questions

The $25 kit provides tools to engage acequia parciantes and community members in a conversation about the challenges facing acequias in continuing the mayordomo tradition. The materials are also appropriate for educators and researchers who want to explore issues of water, acequias, food, agriculture and community as part of their curriculum.

Host a film screening—The NMAA encourages communities to host screenings of The Art of Mayordomía, community dialogues and other cultural or educational events inspired by the toolkit.

For more information, contact Quita Ortiz at the NMAA: 505.995.9644 or