Acequia Funding Opportunity Announced

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The Interstate Stream Commission (ISC) has announced the availability of funding for acequia projects. A total of $2 million was appropriated by the NM State Legislature in 2014 and $1,700,000 will be available for construction while $300,000 was set aside for design costs. The application for funding will be available in early February, according to the ISC. Last year the NMAA strongly advocated for this funding and wishes to thank the legislators who worked in support of this special appropriation. The NMAA will be available to assist acequias with the application process including meeting eligibility requirements as bylaws, resolutions, audits, and budgets.

Application Instructions Final

Application Form Final

Exhibit B – Water Rights Form

Exhibit D – Resolution


The New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission (ISC) received a Capital Outlay Appropriation from the Legislature in the 2014 Regular Session to plan, design, renovate, construct and equip improvements to acequias statewide (Laws of 2014, Chapter 66, Section 37, Item 2). The ISC has approved $1,700,000 to be utilized for construction of shovel-ready projects. Each acequia may request a maximum of $150,000 for their project. Shovel-ready projects are projects that designs have been completed for and all applicable easements/permits obtained. Projects can be combined with ISC 90/10 Grant Program, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), or other funds to complete projects of a larger size.

Funding is available to all acequias and community ditches, as defined by state statute, for infrastructure improvements. This funding opportunity is made available to all acequias with shovel-ready projects with completed designs. A maximum of $150,000 is available per acequia for the construction of a project. This funding request can be combined with other secured funding to complete projects of a larger size. Other funding sources could be NRCS EQIP funds, ISC 90/10 Program funds, etc.

Below is the funding scenario that will be applied to this process:
•Project Construction Costs ≤ $100,000 – the acequia cost-share requirement will be 10% of the project costs up to a maximum of $7,000.
•Project Construction Costs > $100,000 – the acequia cost-share requirement is $10,000.

ISC Acequia Loans are available to the acequia to assist with their cost-share requirement and distributing the burden over time. The loans are low-interest loans (2.5%) with annual payments. Other non-state funds could be acquired by the acequias to assist them with their cost-share requirement.

Projects must be fully functional on a stand-alone basis once awarded funds have been expended and must be completed within 12 months of a fully executed grant agreement. Other funding sources, if applicable, must be secured at time of application and evidence of such must be submitted with the application.

Please feel free to contact the NM ISC Acequia Program Staff at (505) 827-6160 with any questions you may have regarding this announcement.