Acequia Photo Contest

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Enter your photograph and you could win a $250 prize and your photo will be featured in our 2016 acequia calendar!
Photo Categories:
Acequia Landscape
Photos in this category include the acequia landscape that show off your farm or ranch, including but not limited to scenic photos of your crops and/or animals, or photos of family working in the field.
This is an opportunity to capture the unique acequia features that show off the ingenuity of our ancestors' traditional engineering. This category includes anything and everything about your acequia – some examples include photos of your limpia, unique infrastructure, first opening of the acequia in spring, picturesque winter photos, etc.
Photos in this category include photos of parciantes irrigating fields, and other photos related to irrigating.
Food and Seed Traditions
Photos in this category should cover acequia food traditions. Examples include making chicos, food preservation, harvesting, close-up photos of your produce, seed saving, and traditional family activities, etc.
Submissions must be sent electronically, in high resolution jpeg format. Please email photos to along with the following information:
  • Name of photographer
  • Acequia Name
  • Region (if applicable)
  • Town
  • County
  • Photo Description
Participants are limited to one photo per category.

Featured Photo by: Lucia Sanchez, Acequia de Alcalde