How to Participate in Regional Water Planning

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Regional Water Planning: Acequia Voices are Needed
The participation of acequia leadership in regional water planning is vital. The Office of the State Engineer is currently working with the state's 16 regions to update their plans. Regional Water Plans support:
  •  Stewardship and protection of NM water resources
  • Meet future water needs
  • Incorporate public input on water management policies
  • Integrate water quality (NMED) with water management
  • Provide strategic plans for policy and project development
  • Forecast funding needs for program implementation

Regional Water Planning 12.17.15 Regional Water Planning






It is essential that acequias stake our claim of future water use and infrastructure projects. The New Mexico Acequia Association strongly encourages regional acequia associations and local acequia leadership to take an active role in crafting the regional water plans.
On December 4, 2015 NMAA and the New Mexico Acequia Commission Co-hosted a workshop on regional water planning with Presenters from the Office of the State Engineer and the Interstate Stream Commission at the Nambe Community Center. We will be hosting a series of workshop across the state to share what regional water planning is and why it is important.

In the meantime do not hesitate to contact Angela BordegarayWater Planner at the OSE: (505) 827-6167 or