DFA Quarterly Reports Due September 30th

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Attention Tier 2 Acequias, your 3rd quarter budget report is due to DFA by September 30th 2016.

DFA does not have a required form for quarterly reporting and acequias can submit their own format that must show how actual revenue and expenses compare to the budget. (For QuickBooks users, the "Net Profit & Loss" statement should provide this information)

Although not required at this time, submitting a Balance Sheet generated by the acequia financial software at the end of the quarter is also helpful.

Note: When an acequia increases or decreases revenues and or expenditures a signed resolution indicating the details of the adjustment should be submitted to LGD for approval. The resolution should include each revenue and or expenditure line item affected and the dollar amount of each adjustment.

Please follow this link to a budget and quarterly report template for you use

If you have any questions or require assistance in reporting to DFA please call the NM Acequia Association at (505) 995-9644 and speak with Serafina Lombardi serafina@lasacequias.org