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url#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving. Your gift to the New Mexico Acequia Association supports our work throughout the year to fulfill our vision of acequias flowing with clean water and people working together to grow food and celebrate our cultural heritage.
So far during 2016, NMAA has worked with hundreds of local acequias, community leaders, families, and youth to keep acequia lands irrigated and our agricultural traditions vibrant. 
This year, NMAA is dedicating donations from #GivingTuesday to our Sembrando Semillas program. Founded in 2007, the program has worked with youth and families in several communities to inspire and encourage new generations of acequia farmers and ranchers and community leaders. Here are some testimonials from youth who presented at our recent statewide Congreso de las Acequias:
Anthony, age 17, Mora NM:
Acequias are important for the future because we need to take care of our land that future generations are going to be living in. It wouldn't be fair if we're drinking nice clean water and our future great, great grandchildren have polluted water and messing up their health. Working with other youth and other groups in Sembrando Semillas has impacted me a lot because just knowing that you're not the only youth aiming for the same goal gives me confidence and pushes me to move forward with my work.
Tayler, age 17, Abiquiu NM:
The acequias are important to me because it's a link back to our indigenous people and their way of life. We nourish our crops through the water and for the that we are eternally grateful for the acequias, for feeding us. The acequias aren't a thing of the past but a passage for a better future.
Ignacio, age 12, Chamisal NM:
Acequias are important for the future because without acequias we wouldn't be able to pass on our knowledge of how to farm, irrigate, and how to make a living out of it. There wouldn't be crops or harvest without acequias!

Donne, age 22, Chamisal NM:

Being a part of Sembrando Semillas has not only made me realize the importance of our land and water. It has made me focus on what is right, beautiful, and just. That is our youth and elders- past and future, our animals and plants, most importantly mother earth and all her belongings. It has made me into a leader not only on the community level, but nationally. It has shown me the path in life I want to pursue. It has given me great knowledge, tradition, and pride that I share proudly!!

Kateri, age 12, Servilleta and Santa Clara Pueblo, NM:

Acequias are important, because with them we are able to grow many crops. They are part of many cultures and traditions including my own. Thank you to Sembrando Semillas for giving me the opportunity to learn and work with acequias and build a relationship with water.
Maya, age 17, Servilleta and Santa Clara Pueblo, NM:
As a student I often find confidence in learning among peers. Sembrando Semillas has given me the opportunity to learn traditions and connect with my community with like-minded youth. It has also helped me become more comfortable with community organizing and social interactions.
Anton, age 14, Atrisco:
Sembrando Semillas has inspired me to pay more attention to where my food comes from. It's inspired me to pursue the passions I have like farming, and other things like music and writing. It has helped me to be more social with people and open up. It's helped me eat healthier, work harder and understand some of the political issues that are happening in our country and be more aware of my surroundings and environment. It's made me happier to be honest.
Please consider a gift or membership renewal to the New Mexico Acequia Association. The NMAA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and contributions to the NMAA are tax-deductible. Join as a member or make a donation by clicking "DONATE" in the upper right hand corner above. 
Thank you for your support!
Que Vivan las Acequias!