Join the Movimento en Defensa del Agua Today!

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Acequia Day March 2017 -Photo taken by Seth Roffman, Green Fire Times

Acequias continue to be the lifeblood of our communities, providing nourishment through locally grown food, economic livelihood and aquifer recharge.

Acequias need your support!
As acequias confront the challenges of an uncertain climate, commodification of water, and other pressures, we also see the resurgence of local agriculture and the need for healthy local produce for our communities. NMAA needs your support to meet these challenges and secure a healthy future for the next generation of acequieros.
NMAA has a comprehensive approach to fulfill our vision of acequias flowing with clean water and people working together to grow food and celebrate our cultural heritage. Our work centers on all aspects of keeping acequias thriving, including: acequia governance, water rights protection, farmer training, leadership development and organizing, policy advocacy, youth engagement, food and seed sovereignty.
Will you join the NM Acequia Association TODAY with a donation and membership to advance el movimiento en defensa del agua?
Maiz $1000
Chile $500
Hava $250
Alverjon $100
Regional Acequia Association membership $75
Individual Acequia membership $50
Parciante/Supporter membership $25
Membership includes a newsletter subscription.
Note: Donations to NMAA are tax deductible.
Make checks payable to the New Mexico Acequia Association, 805 Early St. Blg B Suite 203 Santa Fe NM 87505
!Mil Gracias!