Support Acequias this Irrigation Season

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Regando maiz y florez en Taos- Photo taken by Jacinta Chavez

It's summer and acequias around New Mexico are flowing with mountain runoff and nurturing gardens, orchards, and green fields. Acequia waters continue to be the lifeblood of our communities providing us with food, livelihoods, and cultural traditions. But acequias also need us, people, to be their caretakers. Past generations have sustained acequias with their labor and resources now, it is our turn.

NMAA is asking all acequia irrigators and supporters to become members and join together to defend and protect our acequias. We follow in footsteps of the past but face modern and more complex challenges, including a changing climate. Mounting demands for scarce water threaten to unravel the fabric of acequias through the transfer of water rights out of agriculture. Acequias are called upon to meet ever growing technical requirements for infrastructure funding and to legally defend their water rights.
Acequieros from San Fidel sacando la acequia in the snow- Photo taken by Beverly Tafoya

NMAA is a unique organization that honors our ancient legacy of water governance while also working to adapt for the future. For nearly 30 years, NMAA has been responding to challenges through communication, training, and education for acequias. Together we have built a movement around the principle that Water is Life, El Agua es Vida, and that we are defenders of the precious waters that nurture our communities.

NMAA is a membership based organization that depends on your support to continue our vital work! Because of your past support, just in the past year, NMAA has worked with hundreds of acequias to secure infrastructure funding, to update bylaws, and address governance issues. And we have held training educational events with over 1,200 participants including Acequia Day at the State Legislature where we championed the cause of protecting our water.
Bucking bails at sunset- Photo taken by Daniel Sonis

As we irrigate our fields this summer in anticipation of a good harvest, we invite you to join us in our movement with deep roots in our past and vision for the future. Join today or send a donation if you are already a member!

Parciante Member $25/year
Acequia Member $50/year
Regional Association Member $75/year
Donor Levels
Padrino/Madrina de las Acequias $500 and above
Hermano/Hermana de las Acequias $250 – $500
Amigo/Amiga de las Acequias $25 – $250

Thank you!!

Que Vivan las Acequias!