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Acequia Easements Workshop

State Archives Building, 1205 Camino Carlos Rey, Santa Fe

All acequias have a historic easement along the course of the ditch that should be wide enough for reasonable use, maintenance, and improvements. Acequias also have easement rights through historic and traditional a points of access. In this workshop, we will discuss ways to document and protect acequia easements in addition to tips for acequia cleaning day.

El Rito Acequia Workshop


El Rito Rural Event Center, Abiquiu

Co-sponsored by NMAA and the El Rito Acequia Association


Topics: Powers and Duties of Commissioners and Mayordomos, Protecting Water Rights, Having Effective Acequia Meetings, Open Meetings Act, Funding for Acequias, Risk Management Coverage for Acequias.


Northern New Mexico Farm Bill Forum July 8th

The New Mexico Acequia Association will co-sponsor the Northern New Mexico Farm Bill Forum on Sunday, July 8th. The purpose of the forum is to mobilize support for increased support for small-scale and minority farmers such as traditional Hispano and Native American farmers and for rural community development.

Northern New Mexico Farm Bill Forum

Northern New Mexico College

Sunday, July 8th, 2007, 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Refreshments will be served.

The event is co-sponsored by, along with NMAA, Rio Arriba County, Northern New Mexico College, NMSU Cooperative Extension, the American Friends Service Committee, Northern New Mexico Stockmans Association, and the Traditional Native American Farmers’ Association. The NMAA is in contact with national organizations advocating for a more equitable farm bill that addresses the needs of small-scale producers.

The Farm Bill is a complex, omnibus bill reauthorized by Congress every five years. The next reauthorization is due on September 21st. Many organizations who advocate for family farmers, access to healthy food for the poor, and rural communities have organized national campaigns to push for farm bill reform. The New Mexico Acequia Association by helping to organize the Northern New Mexico Farm Bill forum is hoping to mobilize support from New Mexico for some national policy initiatives that could benefit rural communities. One objective of the Forum is to bring together community leaders to formulate a policy agenda to deliver to the New Mexico Congressional Delegation.

For more information about the Farm Bill, follow the following links:

House Committee on Agriculture

United States Department of Agriculture Farm Bill

Rural Coalition – Diversity Initiative

Food and Farm Policy Project

Campaign for Renewed Rural Development

National Catholic Rural Life Conference

The latest update on the status on the Farm Bill (from the NCRLC e-newsletter):


A House Agriculture subcommittee voted to extend the 2002 farm bill’s commodity title rather than make the changes in target prices and loan rates that some legislators had proposed. Many civil society groups following the Farm Bill, including faith, rural development and environmental groups, had advocated for meaningful reforms in the new Farm Bill. Agriculture Chairman Collin Peterson said changes are still expected when the full committee holds its markup after the July Fourth recess. This gives the House Agriculture committee a few extra weeks to prepare for the next votes on the bill.

House leadership has pushed back the farm bill’s estimated floor time to the week of July 23; they will try to move on the delayed spending bills before then. Agriculture Chairman Peterson said the extra time would give him more time to find offsets for spending increases in the new Farm Bill. Peterson expects a full Agriculture committee vote the week of July 9.

NMAA to Host Infrastructure Planning Workshop

On July 24th, NMAA will host a workshop for acequias who are interesting in developing an Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan.  The purpose of the ICIP planning process is to help local governments develop 5-year planning timelines for improving infrastructure including identification of infrastructure priorities and possible funding sources.  The Local Government Division of the Department of Finance and Administration highly encourages local governments to complete an ICIP prior to requesting Capital Outlay appropriations from their legislators.

The workshop will take place on July 24th in Santa Fe at the State Capitol from 9am through 12 noon.  For more information about the workshop call the NMAA office at 995-9644 or contact Janice Varela directly at 231-7752 or organizer@lasacequias.org.

For acequias who are seeking information about a current construction project already funded, contact Ray Acosta at the Interstate Stream Commission at 1-800-WATERNM.  The ISC staff will provide information about how to access your capital outlay funds including compliance with certain requirements of state government and developing a work agreement, or contract, between the ISC and your acequia.

San Isidro Celebration

Festival de San Isidro

A traditional celebration honoring San Isidro, the Patron Saint for those who work the land. The entire community is invited to come together to bless the Acequia Waters, our lands and our seeds and join in this celebration of peace and of the many blessings of our culture and farming heritage. The event will take place on Saturday, May 12th from 10:00 AM –1:00 PM and will happen at St. Anne’s Parish located at 1400 Arenal SW in Albuquerque’s South Valley.