Capital Outlay Forms Due Feb 12

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Deadline for submitting Capital Outlay Request Forms is February 12, 2007.

Again, the steps are as follows:

  1. Complete Capital Outlay Request Form (contact Janice 231-7749 if you need assistance with this). Print a blank form for each of the legislators you plan to ask for support.
  2. Get signature of your legislators. Go to the Capitol and check in their office first thing in the morning. Otherwise, go to the 1st floor where you have access to the chambers and ask the door attendant if you can speak with your legislator. Hand them a note or business card and maybe you can see your legislator. As a last resort, give us the paperwork and we will get the signatures.
  3. Each legislator is different…. Make sure your form gets into the hands of your legislator and is signed well before the deadline. Try to make sure it gets introduced before the deadline. You can see what has been introduced on the capital outlay list on the legislative website. Let us know if you need help tracking.
  4. We’ve heard from legislators that they have not gotten very requests from acequias.
  5. You should receive a phone call from your sponsor on the House when you have a hearing. Janice is also helping get the notice out.

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