¡Que Vivan las Acequias! #27 – Sembrando Semillas Youth Hike La Jicarita Peak

Episode 27 of ¡Que Vivan las Acequias! – produced by Miguel Santistevan of the NMAA in collaboration with Cultural Energy (www.culturalenergy.org). Made possible with a grant from the Panta Rhea Foundation.

This show features interviews of Sembrando Semillas members, mentors, and chaperones from a La Jicarita backpacking trip held July 16 & 17, 2007. In this program we talk about hiking to La Jicarita peak, the source of our water and the watershed, and being silent in nature. Participants include:

Celestino Chavez, Taos

RJ Chavez, TaosLa Jicarita’s shoulder

Toribio Garcia, Chamisal

Joshua Rivera, Mora

Angel Martinez, Taos

Andrew Mascareñas, Urraca

Augustine Gonzales, Chamisal

Done Gonzales, Chamisal

James Duran, Chacon

Dominic Chavez, Taos

Mentor and chaperone Victor Mascareñas

Chaperone Reynaldo Santistevan


Mentor and chaperone Margarita Garcia.

A special thanks to The Center for Whole Communities in Vermont for helping to fund this backpacking trip. Additional thanks to Rocky Mountain Youth Corp in Taos for lending us backpacking equipment for this trip.

Theme music by Cipriano Vigil and this month’s musical selection, “Esperanza,” by the B-Side Players.

Download episode: 27quevivan.mp3

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