NMAA Announces Spring Workshops

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Acequias have governed themselves for hundreds of years and continue to manage water through unique local customs.  NMAA launched the Acequia Governance Project to build upon this legacy and also adapt to new challenges.  Water has always been scarce in New Mexico but never has it been under such great demand.  Acequias will need to be diligent in their efforts to share water among themselves while also protecting acequia water for future generations.  The purpose of the Acequia Governance Project is to strengthen local acequia governance through community education and technical assistance.  We provide informational workshops and one-on-one consultation.  During the months of February and March, NMAA has several workshops scheduled.  In addition, any acequia can call us at any time and request assistance on topics including Bylaws, Easements, Protecting Water Rights, Powers and Duties of Officers, Open Meetings Act, Water Management, and applying for State and Federal Funding.  To schedule a meeting with our staff, please call 505-995-9644. 


El Rito Acequia Workshop – February 23, 1pm – 4pm

El Rito Rural Event Center, Abiquiu

Co-sponsored by NMAA and the El Rito Acequia Association

Topics:  Powers and Duties of Commissioners and Mayordomos, Protecting Water Rights, Having Effective Acequia Meetings, Open Meetings Act, Funding for Acequias, Risk Management Coverage for Acequias.

Acequia Easements Workshop – March 6,  1pm – 4pm

State Archives Building,  1205 Camino Carlos Rey, Santa Fe

All acequias have a historic easement along the course of the ditch that should be wide enough for reasonable use, maintenance, and improvements.  Acequias also have easement rights through historic and traditional a points of access.  In this workshop, we will discuss ways to document and protect acequia easements in addition to tips for acequia cleaning day.

Pojoaque/Santa Cruz Acequia Workshop – March 8, 9am – 12pm

Knights of Columbus, Arroyo Seco

Co-sponsored by NMAA, Pojoaque Valley Acequia and Well Association, and the Santa Cruz Irrigation District

Topics:  Acequia Bylaws, Acequia Water Banking, Regulation of Water Transfers, Funding for Acequias.

Acequia Water Banking – March 27, 1 pm – 4pm

State Archives Building, 1205 Camino Carlos Rey, Santa Fe

For hundreds of years, acequias have reallocated unused water rights within the same acequia for use by the other parciantes.  However, under state law, unused water rights were subject to loss for non-use.  In 2003, the legislature authorized acequias to operate “water banks” to provide acequias with the tools to protect water rights from loss for non-use.  It acts as a “paper trail” documenting that water not used by a parciante is still in use by the remainder of the parciantes.  In this workshop, we will discuss the NMAA Water Banking Template, which is a method for doing water banking including draft guidelines for operation and forms for documentation of banked water rights


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