Taller Tocante a derechos de entrada y salida (Easement Workshop)

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On Thursday, December 8th we held a workshop on acequia easements. It was well attended with 42 participants plus NMAA staff and NM Legal Aid attorney David Benavides. In this meeting we tried a new approach to presenting information and problem solving. Using an assessment tool from La Escuelita de las Acequias model we were able to engage participants in lively discussions about how to look at a problem and talk about solutions. We recognize the valuable experience that our Comisionados and mayordomos have in protecting the bordo of the acequia as well as other easement issues, legal issues, compounded with drought, broken infrastructure and much more. La Escuelita recognizes that we are all maestros. These acequia experts came from communities, throughout the state, Upper Hondo, Coyote, Chimayo, Santa Cruz, El Rito and the South Valley of Albuquerque, just to name a few communities and regions represented.
David Benavides did a fantastic job presenting legal information and facilitating the conversation. The entire NMAA staff worked so hard in preparing for this workshop and also did a fabulous job at the workshop. It is really fun to be part of such a dynamic team, we have come a long way from the days when I started working with only a staff of three.
I look forward to our future workshops and trying out new ideas and gathering with our maestros from throughout Nuevo Mejico. íQue vivan las acequias!

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