2017 Acequia Photo & Art Contest Winners

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NMAA would like to recognize all the participants in the 2017 Acequia Photo & Art Contest. Thank you for all your beautiful submissions that honor acequia culture, traditions, and practices.

We will honor our winners at the Congreso de las Acequias on

Saturday, November 4th.
Acequia Madre del Sur del Rio Don Fernando Summer Miguel Santistevan


Ethan Vigil Irrigating in San Fidel NM San Jose de la Cienega Marty Vigil


Mayordomo repairing headgate T Hamm Nacimiento Community Ditch Cuba NM


Braids of Our Mothers Food and Seed Kateri Pena Santa Clara Pueblo


This is our family harvesting corn for chicos and irrigating the garden Anastacia Maz Garcia Santistevan



By Maya Pena

Follow your gaze

Across lighting split skies creating nitric oxide,

Percolation reaching roots that in turn will help life reach for light.

Rows of water obey shovel’s petitions,

Performing a symbiotic cycle of water and farmer.

Commissioning heirloom seeds to feed another generation,

Memories of famine and starvation fading with every basket of corn.

Pride is palpable as relatives present gifts of harvest,

In that moment The Earth is Our Earth,

Because life is a consequence of collaboration,

And land is our most faithful partner.

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