Acequias Rally at the Roundhouse

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Acequia Leaders Marching to the Roundhouse 2017 -Photo taken by Seth Roffman

Acequia farmers and leaders will come together on Thursday, January 25th at the State Capitol for Acequia Day 2018. Acequias will be recognized by the State Legislature for their cultural and economic contributions to New Mexico. “On Acequia Day, we celebrate acequias as the lifeblood of our communities. Acequias are dynamic, living systems with engaged members,” said Paula Garcia, NMAA Executive Director. “Acequia leadership is requesting that policymakers work with acequias to develop opportunities for profitable agriculture that will allow farms and communities to thrive,” added Harold Trujillo, NMAA Board President.

Don Bustos, NMAA Board Member and recipient of the James Beard Award for his work in support of farmers’ rights and education, will present about the role of acequias in local economic development. NMAA is also excited to have American Friends Service Committee shine the spotlight on farm to school initiatives and successful ongoing farmer training programs.

Peter Vigil, District Manager of the Taos Soil and Water Conservation District will share success stories on pathways for acequia infrastructure and watershed restoration in his district. Local acequias within the Taos basin will present on behalf of partnerships, successful projects and organizing initiatives. There will be music, food, and poets in celebration of our precious water and ways of life!

Acequia parciantes, youth, and supporters are invited for the march at 10:00am and to the Senate and House floor sessions at 10:30am where a memorial will be presented.  Acequia leaders will be recognized by the State Legislature for centuries of water management in New Mexico.

Join acequia commissioners and mayordomos from various local acequias as they march to protect water rights, address drought and water scarcity, and promote funding acequia infrastructure. We ask everyone to bring along their families with shovels to the march!

“Acequias have fed our communities for the past 400 years. Today, we face challenges related to drought, development, and social and economic changes,” said Garcia. “Acequias continue to demonstrate resilience in the face of these changing times, as communities hold tight to the values, beauty, and way of life that acequias provide.”


9:00am- 9:45am                 Orientation, Snacks – Garrett’s Desert Inn

10:00am                               March to the Roundhouse

10:30am                               House and Senate Floor Sessions – Gallery

12:00am                               Acequia Day Celebration at the Rotunda

1:30pm                                 Closing

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