Infrastructure and Capital Improvement Plan (ICIP) Opportunity

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By, NMAA Infrastructure Team – (Vidal, Serafina, Toribio, and Paula)

NMAA wants to ensure you are aware of  our availability to assist, the deadline and a new procedure for submitting an Infrastructure and Capital Improvement Plan (ICIP). All ICIPs must be completed and submitted to DFA by June 14, 2024 so we need to get started ASAP.

Completing an ICIP is a key step to access for Capital Outlay (funding from the NM legislature). The Capital Outlay process is now online and your ICIP will auto-populate the Capital Outlay form when we are ready to complete it in November through early January annually – though changes to projects can still be made at the time of submitting your CO request. As of last year there is a NEW procedure, requiring that your ICIP appendix forms be submitted via this google doc in addition to completing the ICIP project in CMPS (online Capital Outlay and Project Management website of the State).

The NMAA Infrastructure Team encourages any acequia pursuing infrastructure funding to complete an ICIP as this helps you think through the project and demonstrate your need and readiness.

Requirements for NMAA assistance:

  • Have quality, up-to-date cost estimates for your project(s) – we encourage you to reach out to us now. 
  • Complete the 3 linked forms and return to us (we can ensure they are submitted via the google doc)
  • Be ready to work with us to complete your online ICIP
  • Be ready to work with us to ensure your governance and financial compliance is in order
  • Plan on requesting Capital Outlay for the 2025 legislative session (the ICIP is a PLAN – not a funding application).

Please reach out to Vidal at confirming if you would like our assistance with the ICIP.

If you are not ready to complete and ICIP this year we can prepare you for next year and help you determine next steps!

In order to complete the ICIP we need you to fill in any missing information in the 3 linked forms, sign and return via  email, mail, or in person (if necessary), to us ASAP. We will only complete ICIPs once we have your forms.

ICIP Completion Certification Form – This is a checklist for completed and entered information required for the Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan, we will ensure all items on the checklist are completed. CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETION CERTIFICATION FORM

Resolution Template – This form demonstrates a resolution to be approved by the commission for adopting an infrastructure capital improvement plan, signed by at least 2 commissioners. This should happen at a meeting of the commissioners. CLICK HERE FOR RESOLUTION TEMPLATE FORM

Permission to Access Form – This form shows the Department of Finance Administration that NMAA has permission to complete your ICIP. CLICK HERE FOR PERMISSION TO ACCESS FORM

If you have any questions about the documents please let us know. We will be making sure you have everything in order to start your ICIP.  You can find the ICP Guidelines and required FORMS LINKED in the buttons above.

ALL ICIPs must be completed and submitted to DFA by June 14th so we need to get started ASAP.

For general information and agency contact info:

We look forward to completing this process promptly. Please note Vidal Gonzales,, of the NMAA Team will be our lead on ICIPs this year.

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