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¡Que Vivan las Acequias! # 14

Episode 14 of ¡Que Vivan las Acequias!

Listen to more reflections about the Bioneers conference held in San Rafael, CA on October 18-22, 2006 with:

– Margarita Garcia, Celestino Chavez, RJ Chavez, and Angel Martinez

Also hear a report about the Slow Food conference held in Turin, Italy on October 26-29, 2006 by Miguel Santistevan

Hear proceedings from the 7th Annual Congreso de las Acequias held in Taos, NM on December 2, 2006 with:

– Seed Sovereignty Report by Louie Hena and Miguel Santistevan
– El Agua es la Vida declaration with Paula Garcia and Juanita Garcia

Musica: “Sembrando Semillas” by Cihuatl Tonali, “No necesitamos permiso para ser libres” release.

Download episode: 14quevivan.mp3

¡Que Vivan las Acequias! # 13

Episode 13 of ¡Que Vivan las Acequias!

Listen to the Sembrando Semillas team report on their 2006 harvest with:

Angel Martinez
Karen Mirabal
Miguel Santistevan

Also listen to experiences of the Sembrando Semillas team with the Bioneers conference in San Rafael, CA held from October 18-22, 2006 with:

Angel Martinez
Toribio Garcia
Celestino Chavez
Juanita Garcia
RJ Chavez

Musica: live recording of quena flute by Miguel Santistevan, October 29, 2006.
Download episode: 13quevivan.mp3

Mora Remedio Walk


On September of 2006, the Mora Youth Group went on a walk in Encinal, NM to look at different remedios that grow wild in the the area. We found different remedios that we thought would never be considered to be good for us. Like manzanilla is a pretty weed, and who would have thought it is good when you have an upset stomach. On the walk one of the mentors was explaining why we need these remedios in our lives. This is what our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. used when they would get sick because they did not have antibiotics in pill form; they didn’t have any of the medications that we have now, and they had to do with what they had, and what they had was they remedios that grew in their fields. In this walk I learned what weeds, I thought before were weeds, would help in what way to help with what you need we you are to get sick or get hurt.

By Le-An Pino

¡Que Vivan las Acequias! # 10

Episode 10 of ¡Que Vivan las Acequias!

Listen to the Mora Sembrando Semillas team taking cattle to the sierra (mountain pasture) in LeDoux, NM on July 22, 2006 with:

– Harold Trujillo (w/ Antonio Medina)
– DJ Duran, Diane Carillo, Christina Garcia (w/ Paula and Margarita)
– Antonio Medina
– Lucille Trujillo

Musica: “Nuevo Mejico Lindo y Querido” by Cipriano Vigil

Download episode: 10quevivan.mp3

Taos Capulin Jelly Workshop


On August 10th 2006 a few Taos youth members came together at TCEDC  kitchen to make capulin jelly.  Miguel, Margareta, Nicanor and RJ took care of early preparations by picking capulin and crab apples. Why crab apples? According to Angel’s grandmother Beatrice Tafoya it has the same affect as sure gel. Beatrice took some very much appreciated time to share with us the process of making capulin. Which is a very lengthy process one I invite you to try for yourself. As for the rest of this story I invite you to tune into our radio show “Que Vivan Las Acequias!” show #11 which can be found on this website.

¡Que Vivan las Acequias! # 08

Episode 08 of ¡Que Vivan las Acequias!

Listen to experiences from a Sembrando Semillas Planting Workshop held in Taos on May 13, 2006 with:
– RJ Chavez, Johnny Sisneros, Karen Mirabal, Donne Gonzales, and Juanita Garcia
– coordinator Miguel Santistevan and youth mentor Margarita Garcia

Musica: Vicente Griego and Flamenco Xicano, live recording from NMCEI conference, June 3, 20006 and live recording of Dia de San Isidro pilgrimage in the South Valley of Albuquerque, May 20, 2006.

Download episode: 08quevivan.mp3

¡Que Vivan las Acequias! # 04

Episode 04 of ¡Que Vivan las Acequias! aired February 2006.
Listen to proceedings from a Sembrando Semillas Seed Cleaning Workshop in Taos, NM on January 14, 2006.

– Sembrando Semillas Youth interview Marino Rivera, Estevan Arellano, Lucille Trujillo, Eremita Campos, Antonio Medina, and Margarita Garcia about seeds, agriculture, and food.

Musica: “Los Activos” from the “Hasta los Huesos” release on Big Bang records.
Download episode: 04quevivan.mp3