Education and Support Services Available for Acequias

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Does your acequia have questions about your water rights and acequia governance?  The New Mexico Acequia Association is here to support you!  The NMAA offers acequia assistance on a wide range of topics in support of your role as local institutions of government.  These topics include bylaws, infrastructure planning and funding, financial reporting compliance, and general questions about water rights and water management.  
We are here to work with you over the phone, in person, and via email to ensure that you have all the information and support you need to meet the challenges faced by acequias as political subdivisions of the state. You can reach us by calling the office at 505-995-9644, filling out our TA form online, or by stopping in the office.
Over the course of the next 10 months we will hold a series 6 workshops on acequia funding and financial compliance (times and locations TBA).  Also, we will hold our annual Acequia Commissioner and Mayordomo Conference in early summer. We will continue to develop a database of acequias, and to survey acequia needs, as well as publish our online newsletter and print newsletter.
Please contact us if there is any way that we can assist you.