Los Sembradores Biographies 2024

We are pleased to announce our 2024 cohort of Los Sembradores Farm Apprentices. The group started in early April and will complete their work in November. We started by breaking ground, preparing soil,  planting seeds, and pruning trees. Once May frosts have passed we will start planting our traditional crops such as corn, calabaza, beans.  It’s been a wonderful start and I hope that the season is successful for all. We look forward to our year and all the learning we will do together. We will nurture the land, use the acequias, and feed our surrounding communities.

To learn more about our Los Sembradores Farmer Training Program, visit: https://lasacequias.org/los-sembradores-farmer-training-2/ 

Juan Lopez

“Hello, my name is Juan Lopez and I am from Peñasco, New Mexico and I am currently living in Llano Largo, New Mexico in Taos County. I am a college graduate with a degree in chemical engineering and a minor in chemistry. I enjoy hiking in the mountains, camping, and snowboarding with my friends. I have a background in growing hemp here in northern New Mexico as well as ranching cattle with my father, and I’m excited to see what the Los Sembradores program can teach me beyond those experiences. I hope to one day become a good produce farmer and hopefully a skilled fruit grower, so that I might be able to make wines and utilize my degree to make extracts of various types from the plants within the area. I have an interest in learning about beekeeping as well. I would someday enjoy trying to make mead from local honey. I would also enjoy learning about farming and harvesting of various types of mushrooms if that is something that could be learned through this program. I believe the knowledge this program gives to new farmers regarding how to properly use the acequia system is extremely valuable and important, and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn about this trade with a mentor.”

Nicholas Cruz Torres

Nicholas Cruz Torres, born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, grew up hearing whispers of ancestral stories from New Mexico. In 2021, he and his husband, David, embarked on a stewardship journey along the Cañada Seca Acequia. Passionate about reviving traditional healing practices and fostering land and water stewardship, Nicholas envisions community weaving at the heart of collective healing and authentic expression. His love for travel, creativity, nature, and dance fuels his commitment to holding transformative spaces for dreaming, healing, and co-creation. With a deep reverence for ancestral wisdom and a commitment to nurturing harmonious connections between people and the land, Nicholas embodies a holistic approach to wellness and sustainability. Joining Los Sembradores with an open mind and open heart, he trusts this space will teach him the skills, wisdom, and knowledge necessary to continue on this journey.


Elba-Celeste Rudolfo 

“Hello! My name is Elba-Celeste. I was born and raised in New Mexico, spending much of my childhood between New Mexico and Mexico experiencing my culture. I am just weeks away from completing my undergraduate studies at the University of New Mexico where I have been studying Studio Art, Sustainability Studies, and Race & Social Justice. I am extremely passionate about these intersecting topics and will continue to explore regenerative ecology and land art through my land practices after graduation.

I have grown up observing my grandparents and uncles tending to our family’s spaces in Mexico and New Mexico. My Father’s family, based locally in New Mexico used to be comprised of several land workers, and has decreased substantially. My family in Mexico still produces corn, beans, and chile.

I am grateful to learn and apply the traditional methods that coincide with our beloved and sacred acequias. I am honored to collaborate with my mother and her land in the South Valley of Albuquerque. Because farming skipped a generation with both of my parents, I am working toward continuous reconnecting to our deepest roots.”


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